Rules for this Campaign

Rule Zero

This rule is strictly enforced. This is my game and you’re choosing to be apart of it. My game, my rules. Understand the difference. I don’t care what the published rules say during play, if I make a call it stands. We can discuss RAW before or after a game, but it’s my choice on how to run the game. If you don’t like it, find another table.

Leveling, i.e. Soul Consumption

This is the biggest break from the core rules, experience will not be earned through combat, but instead through the consumption of souls. This utterly destroys the soul in the process, leaving no chance for rebirth or judgement. It is this act that can cause a character to both level quickly and fall the fastest. You will need to balance the desire to level and the choice of souls to consume to keep you “good standing”.

Souls can be purchased from venders throughout Abaddon, although making a single contact will reap the greatest rewards. The Soul Trade is a large economy and finding consumable souls shouldn’t be hard. Once you obtain the correct level, you will be able to learn the spell “Create Soul Gem”, a 3rd level spell available to clerics/oracles, wizards/sorcerers and witches. This is an evil spell, so using it may have long term negative impacts.

Rules for this Campaign

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