Campaign Expectations


This campaign hinges on the belief that the characters were judged incorrectly by the Godess Pharasma. Each character lived a relatively good and normal life, whether from royalty or commer they came.

Being cast to Abaddon, a neutral evil aligned realm that feeds on destruction is a judgement unacceptable. The fury burning inside to prove the judgement wrong is all encompassing. It is not life you strive to get back, but an afterlife where you belong, in the realms of good with your god of choice and deceased brethren.

You will be expected to balance the evil of the lands, and the acquisition of souls to keep from converting to the very being Pharasma judged you to be.

Character Death

Yeah, this will happen a lot for eager players and rarely for cautious players. Be cautious, but have a back up character handy just in case.


This is a pretty light hearted game, and leveling will happen based on ambition and how quickly you take the easy path. Refer to the leveling mechanics for more information, but in short, the quicker you fall the faster you level.


You will want to select the align further from Neutral Evil as you can, Lawful Good is the best. Depending in your actions, your alignment will slowly change to NE, showing the impact of the land and the choices you make to level.

Once your character becomes NE, the DM takes control and have to make a new character.

Treasure and Equipment

I will use the tables found in the Ultimate Equipment guide, which is pretty generous. I don’t think you will have trouble getting magic items or good quality equipment.

Campaign Expectations

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